Spartan Pools is a proud member of the United Aqua Group, a cooperative of swimming pool builders, retailers and service professionals from across the United States.  United Aqua Group members are chosen, they do not apply for membership.  The criteria they use in choosing members is rigorous and impeccable. This guarantees you an expert level of pool knowledge and design skills to meeting budgets and deadlines, homeowners can depend on a pre-screened United Aqua Group pool builder to meet their needs and to consistently maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Spartan Pools is an AquaTech Builder:
Aquatech has been cultivating the collective knowledge of pool builders from all around the country and applying those practices to all qualified members.  Aquatech offers us a brain trust of other pool builders to bounce ideas off, solve problems with, and enjoy successes with.  Not only does the Aquatech membership benefit Spartan Pools as a business, it gives our customers the satisfaction of knowing that they are dealing with a reputable, knowledgeable, collaborative and successful pool company.

Spartan Pools is an AquaValue Retailer:
AquaValue retailers provide pool and spa owners with a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices and are committed to gaining satisfied repeat customers through personal, knowledgeable service with helpful solutions. Customers are looking for a place that they can trust. When an AquaValue Retailer offers the standards of the AquaValue Promise, it assures the customer that they will receive professional grade products at competitive prices with the highest quality of helpful service and proven knowledgeable solutions.

This helps customers identify with their store, form a bond, and know what to expect every time they shop at an AquaValue Retail store.

The United Aqua Group advantages for you:

  • Personal customer service
  • Knowledgeable about pools and pool products
  • We carry ‘professional quality’ products
  • Have a variety of products in stock at a competitive price
  • Committed to building a relationship with customers and earn their loyal repeat business